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Yet again we’ve dug up some interesting new shit for you lot. These guys, Novus Ordo, are from Chile, and no matter how we dig on them, we can’t seem to get one solid bit of information. Some sites (including the band’s facebook) say they formed in 2009, some other sites say 2012. They released the full length ‘At the End of the New Times’ in September 2012, and once again the tracklist varies depending on where we look, but we’ve done the best with what we have and taken a look at it. As always, check below this post to get all the necessary links. We advise you to follow the links because googling Novus Ordo just leads you into the rabbit hole of christian-conspiracy-theories and boring shit about the vatican.  Go on, we know you’re going to do it anyway, we’ll wait here…

See? Alright, on with this album. We start with what we presume to be track one after a lot of comparing lists, ‘Hados and Destinies’. The first thing that sticks out to us is that it’s oddly emotive with the least amount of emoting… The music drags you along with it while your not really sure whats dragging you. We estimate it’s the excellent and relentless harmonies of out lead guitarist here. Two guitars in this type of Black Metal can often make things sound messy and just thrown together, as if no-one cares about the sound but want to fit all their mates in the band, but not here. This lead guitarist has been hammering away at these harmonies since we’ve started discussing and writing and while we feel for his fingertips it’s truely something else.

‘When Horns Call to the Battle’ is what we estimate to be the next in line for a listen, and yet again we cast a thought to that harmonising machine in the background. But this song, compared to ‘Hados…’ is a more collaborative effort in the evil sound Novus Ordo produce. We had a little bet on whether all the drum tracks on this album were recored by the listed drummer; Horus, because there’s a few lulls in the track which allow you to hear nothing but blistering double-kick, and, well, you know people’s propensity to lie about these things. The more we listen to this album the more the sheer talent comes through over the excellent music. You really can’t think of one without the other here.

We adore the fact these guys are from Chile and could so obviously school some of the bands coming out of more ‘accepted’ BM havens. They’re full of a relentless pace and instead of each track housing it’s own evils alone, the whole album feels like it’s ganging up on us to unleash this utter beast of a sound. Whether these guys have been around since 2009 or 2012 the album is a fucking must listen, really, get on this right away.

As it was a real fucking struggle to dig Novus Ordo out of the woodwork they were hiding in, we’d really appreciate if anyone who does know them a bit better could write to us either here on the blog, on facebook, or via our email (all provided below) to tell us if we got anything incorrect, or to clarify their information, or even to tell us more about their modern exploits.

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