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This week we recieved a few more recommendations than usual, and while that means a lot of researching and processing, Sarg actually saved us that by handing us what we needed (and we’re handing that on to you-with the links featured under this block of text). A four piece from eastern Germany, they lay themselves on the line called old school Black Metal.


Now, before you go getting any ideas we’ve nothing against that. Although keeping up with what school is what, and who sounds like who, can sometimes end up confusing all sorts of made up categories and starting fist fights and all kinds of chaos. But not here at UU. We gave the two provided tracks a quick skip through to guess what kind of old school Black Metal we were about to be subjected too and it checks out for the most part.

“1,2,Krieg” is the first of the songs we were given (as we said there were only two, we’re stretching it out a bit for you). We’re already temtped to say that this is our favourite, there’s pace changing like crazy and everything is suitably agressive and fuzzy for our tastes. For four guys they manage to pack a lot in without it sounding overcrowded or overly crammed with guitars. There’s a great off-beat riff that runs through most of this song and it sounds great… Speedy music with a sort of delay-lag from the off beats, culminating in good chance to hear the voice of our vocalist (Avnas).

“Abgrund” is next, it throws us off a bit that there’s quite a bit of silence at the start of this song, and then some backing tracks, but as soon as we hear Avnas again the fears are somewhat allayed. Like we said te music and vocals is all very well arranged, but it’s great to hear the vocalist seperated, as his voice rocks it. We were feeling this song and got suddenly interrupted by a sort of dance-remix synchophated beat from drummer Namtar. It kind of words and doesn’t at the same time, we voted it out and found that it pleased the most of us so don’t close your minds to it too early. Maybe crazy dance remix was a bit too harsh. Hey, it just shocked us after hearing “1,2,Krieg”.

We’ve got to say the more accoustic elements in “Abgrund” aren’t to our tastes, but Avnas makes them interesting for us, and they take nothing away from the song itself. Or the band.

We’d like to say thanks here for the recommendation and encourage others to send some in: your own band, one you know, we don’t give a shit… But any chance to hear new music is good.

As promised, links: