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“For those who worship the sounds of vehement regurgitation we will chant the hymns of pestilence”….

With a smidge of showmanship starting off our interaction with Carapax through our screens here, we were unsure whether what we were about to open was hellishly good or just plain old trash. Although our stack of tracks was limited to….two (links below). Blackened Thrashing Metal (their words, not ours) peaked our interest. This came about due to Carapax being on the line up for Black Fall Fest (North Germany-Link Below).

More than a touch of Mayhem rip-off screams at us as we hit up the band’s soundcloud page. And two tracks are all we see: ‘Spirit Mutilation’ and ‘Blood Salvation’. Both titles are followed with a somewhat unsure (rough), (testing) series of words. We hit play anyway.

So ‘Spirit Mutilation’ was the lucky winner and came up first. Although those who have read a few of our other posts may be aware that Thrash is usually not on the menu (anyone’s menu, anywhere….ever). The ‘blackened’ element of the song saves it (that element being the voice of who we can only assume to be Goathämmer Hellsmyth-Thundering Pulse Of Death And Monolithic Roars Of War And Hatred). Good show Hellsmyth.

‘Blood Salvation’ pulls back the thrash from the music as well as the blackend from the voice. It’s overall listenable, a-which-track-is-our-favourite-vote comes up narrowly ‘Blood Salvation’.

We feel like we’ve reached our limit with Carapax. If you feel like more than the two free tracks on soundcloud then check them out at Black Fall Fest (Northern Germany), or hit them up for even more live show dates.


Black Fall Fest:


And for us:

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