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We’ve spend two days in a row so far discussing the last few releases of Zebadiah Crowe, but we’re finishing this extended feature now by sticking on ‘Grawl! The Many Deaths of the Great Beast’. This 13-track was released 2013, and you can find links to listen to and buy the album (£7) below this post. We recommend checking the band out for yourself.

So, after the last two impressive but somewhat different recordings we’re not sure what to expect hitting play on this album. However, as we’ve come to expect, t’s a good surprise as halfway through track one, ‘Screams Of The Willow Hag Tree’, the sludgy music kicks in and puts our mind at ease about what’s to follow. The music is slow and precise yet masking it’s intention in fuzz. We see what that intention was immediately though, with no pause for breath before the music picks up and storms head-first into ‘Woe Seeker’. ‘Sundering of Hope’ is another song containing one of those harmonys that tickle us so much here at UU. The songs on ‘Grawl!…’ are on average shorter than their earlier counterparts, we’ve noticed, with most hovering around the 2-3 minute mark.

We carry on through ‘Grawl!…’ with quite a variety in songs. The album doesn’t sound scattered for it and they’ve managed to keep everything together, but the feel of it is definitely more transient.

Track 9, ‘The Drowning Lament’, is a great example of the bands comfort with trying out different makers and time sigs. There’s a few brisk changes in the song’s direction but it never seems to be falling apart or cobbled together, it’s well executed. As is the next track ‘Poisoning My Life Well’, and in fact everything we’ve heard so far. No matter the difference in songs, or recordings, Zebadiah Crowe seem to have a solid idea of what their aiming for and it comes though, it works.

So this album and our three-post feature come to an end with ‘Lash Of Perdition’, another fast paced assault dotted with perfectly timed alterations. We here at UU enjoyed getting to listen to this stuff quite a bit over the past few days, and encourage you to go check the band yourself. Disagree with something we’ve commented on or stated as fact? Go fuck yourself, or, tell us by contacting us here, facebook, or via our e-mail. We’d appreciate it if you’d share our blog link, or our facebook page, to other people who might be interested. The aim of this blog is to get to listen to what people are doing in the realm of extreme, and black metal. If you want something featured just send it to us, tell us, we don’t have a screening process and we don’t give a shit where things come from. We’re just interested.

So, until next time.

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