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So, this time we’re going to be talking about ‘Lo’Grosh (Blood in the Ether)’, a 5-track released by Z.C in 2013. As per last time, links to listen and buy this recording are at the bottom of this post (costs £3). We encourage you to check it out for yourself. Links to other pages related to the Zebadiah Crowe are also at the bottom of this post.

‘Lo’Grosh (Blood in the Ether)’ begins on a tone we weren’t really expecting after first listening to ‘Omak K’aah’. But it’s fucking excellent. ‘The Bellowing of the False Gods’ is only 3:40 long but encapsulates such an atmosphere of old-school, hazy black metal that it caught our attention right away. Many of us became fans of Z.C after listening to ‘Omaak K’aah’ but this still managed to turn more heads at our base.

It becomes clear, after not too long into the recording, that ‘Lo’Grosh’ is a totally different beast to wrestle with. Track two, ‘Forged in the Marrow of Manticores’, is an insane blend of fast drumming, thrashy guitars, and unswervable, harsh harmonys. This track kicks us into thinking of the vocalist and the fact that it’s possible the vocals of Z.C have been underrated so far in this series of reviews, but in ‘Lo’Grosh’ they can’t be denied, and essentially speak for themselves, fitting into the mix of organised chaos without a hitch.

‘Typhoids Gate Beckons’ is exactly the kind of ending we were hoping for to this 5-track. A return to the style of track one, ‘ The Bellowing of the False Gods’, yet with a much more sinister overtone. It’s composed in such a way as the hard hitting reprieves are genuinely enticing and the song takes on a new element after a good listen. All in all ‘Lo’Grosh’ is just all round good. As we said, you’ve really got to check this band out yourself. Here are some links to expedite the process:



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