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Because all of us at UU have come to seriously love this band we’ve decided to give their discography a thorough looking-at and listening-to, due to the recent announcement that they have appeared back out of whatever hole they were hiding in. You can read up on this yourself, links are included at the bottom of this post.

Zebediah Crowe are an English band formed in 2006, and they have a chunky discography to back up this long-running time period. We’re going to take 2013 as a slice out of their back catalogue mainly due to the sheer number of releases that year. Today we’re going to write about ‘Omak K’aah (machine No 2 “Dirge Hammer”)’, an 12-track released in January 2013. Links to listen to and buy this album are found at the bottom of this post (costs £7).

‘Chronomic Resonance Measured in Razor Lines’ kicks the album off with a blistering start, due in part to the high-speed drums which eventually melt into a wall of sound that shows no sign of the pace easing up. The vocals add an eerie backdrop to the sound, and about midway through track three: ‘A Demented Construct of Filth and Slithering Oscillatorys’, it’s necessary to do a recount of the band members, to ensure this really was produced by… well we’ll let you visit them online and see for yourself.

Moving about halfway down the albums track list and the sheer force of the songs hasn’t really let up at all. ‘A Dispiriting Drizzle of Dead Matter/The Lovers’, starts with a brief reprieve, fooling us into thinking a change in spirits had occurred, before ripping out eardrums apart again and blasting through 4 minutes of high paced fury, and ebbing into the next onslaught; ‘Hail the Wrong (Propagator of the Great Untruth)’. By this stage we knew we were onto something that would stick around the office.

Nearing the end of ‘Omak K’aah’ we stumble upon a gem of the album with a fantastic harmony of guitars behind the grit and noise of the bands groundwork. For us, this is where Black Metal (or extreme metal) really comes into it’s own, as layers start developing independent of the band or the listener. In short, we loved the second last track: ‘Fortunes Told in the Footprints of the Insane’.

Well we don’t like ruining endings so we’re going to leave off here. We urge you all to go give Zebadiah Crowe a chance, here are some links for you:


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