Yesterday, Monday July 28th, was the 100 year anniversary of the beginnings of World War One. One day later we’re reviewing a band called Abwehrschlacht, or ‘Defensive Battle’, if you aren’t up to date with your German. This phrase comes from German military usage during WW1, and Abwehrschlacht are a band based solely on the battles, history and events of the War.

The 2010 release ‘Kaiser Schlacht’ doesn’t leave this fact to the imagination, beginning with ‘Blood Red Moon’, a vicious, gritty marching song with all the overtones of a grey battlefield and young soldiers one can manage. The somewhat light, tinny quality of the vocals adds to the atmosphere immensely. The whole thing is overshadowed by a quality that defies you to listen to it and not imagine grizzly deaths in muddy fields, and the odd mixture of new and old technology that has come to define the first world war. And the pace only picks up. Charging through ‘Weapon be Thy name’, ‘Die Sturmtruppen’ and ‘Meat Grinder’ to reach an almost celebratory military march of an Outro.

We didn’t know what to expect from this band, having never listened to a band dedicated to one point in history before, certainly not World War One. But after listening to this demo, and finding ourself listening to it again and again, we can confirm Abwehrschlacht are doing something special, if not addictive. Go and check them out right away.



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